Robotik - the pinnacle of automation

For schoen+sandt Hungary Kft. as an innovative machine manufacturer, the design and implementation of fully assembled robot cells in the production processes of their customers provides great importance to the strategy of the company.


Your advantages when using a robot

  • in addition to the benefits of automation, the position of the robot arm can be adjusted quickly and easily in all directions
  • similar to the human hand, we can position the tool in any direction
  • a robot does not lose time due to illness and its upkeep and maintenance can be planned in advance
  • cycle times can be calculated and do not depend on the performance and abilities of the person
  • certain input parameters are always associated with a specific and predictable output quality
  • a robot does exactly what we have programmed and never makes a mistake after a "smart" learning process


Types of robots used:


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Eingesetzte Roboter-Typen



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