• Braun & Co. founded a factory for furniture fittings

  • change of ownership and the company was renamed to “Erste Ungarische Schlösser- und Blechwarenfabrik Aktiengesellschaft”

  • company was nationalized and the production of iron structures for the light industry, fans, air     exchangers and cutting machines for the leather and shoe industry began

  • Foundation of the association for light industrial partial production KAEV, company continues to operate as the 10th KAEV plant

  • cooperation agreement was signed between Schoen & Cie AG and KAEV-Eger KAEV delivered machine parts and fully assembled machines to Schoen & Cie, Germany

  • owners in Germany decided to buy the Hungarian production unit and thus Schoen-KAEV-Eger     

    Kft. was founded

  • company operates under the name schoen + sandt Hungary Kft, manufacture of electro-hydraulic cutting machines

  • portfolio was supplemented by mechanical and electrical design services for specialty     machine construction

  • Robotics, Automation

Company - History