Our company looks back on more than 125 years of tradition and experience.

In 1891 Braun & Co. founded a factory for furniture fittings. A short time after there was a change of ownership and the company was renamed to “Erste Ungarische Schlösser- und Blechwarenfabrik Aktiengesellschaft”. In 1948 the company was nationalized and the production of iron structures for the light industry, fans, air exchangers and cutting machines for the leather and shoe industry began.

In 1967 a cooperation agreement was signed between Schoen & Cie AG and KAEV-Budapest Maschinenfabrik, which also included a manufacturing facility located in Eger. As part of this agreement, KAEV delivered machine parts and fully assembled machines to Schoen & Cie, Germany until 1992. After the reunification, the owners in Germany decided to buy the Hungarian production unit and thus Schoen-KAEV-Eger Kft. was founded. Later, the legal successor, schoen + sandt machinery GmbH, acquired the business share and thus became the owner. Still, to this day, the company operates under the name schoen + sandt Hungary Kft. and can look back on 40 years of experience at the highest technical level in the manufacture of electro-hydraulic cutting machines, automatic dispensing machines and in the manufacture of components for the machine industry.

In 2013 our portfolio was supplemented by mechanical and electrical design services for specialty machine construction. We now also deliver machines and systems “turnkey” from planning to commissioning and maintenance and can thus ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Our credo is a high level of in-house production in order to be able to adapt as quickly and flexibly as possible to the current challenges of the market.

Company - Our company looks back on more than 125 years of tradition and experience.